Lab Management

Powerful but intuitive

Every lab operates in a different way. To change well established processes to fit a new IT system is frustrating, time consuming and can damage lab productivity. At Labman we develop custom software that fits with the intricacies of how real labs work. By understanding the detailed needs of users and managers we develop systems that are powerful yet intuitive.


40 years’ experience working with labs around the world has given Labman insight into all areas of laboratory management: in experiment design, the programming of automated system, hardware integration, data collection and management, data analytics and device telemetry. This breadth of experience means we’re able to build end to end solutions, enabling lab scientists to use a single familiar piece of software from experiment set up to data analysis.

Hardware integration

As a world leader in custom automation solutions Labman has 40 years’ experience in integrating hardware into their robotics systems. We bring all this experience into our software, with best in class hardware integration.

Our LIMS systems can interface directly with lab research equipment from a wide range of manufacturers; enabling direct data capture, extraction of telemetry and utilisation data, and allowing results from a range of equipment to be captured in a single database with a consistent format and data structure.
lab workflow

Complex IT integration

Experience with a huge range of lab hardware and software (LIMS, ELNs, SCADA, etc) means we’re capable of integrating into the most complex of IT infrastructures.

Where possible we also prefer to use open data standards, ensuring our software can interface with 3rd party system easily and effectively.

Mobile Updates

In labs with experiments and automation runs lasting several hours we can build mobile functionality into our systems. Labman’s mobile apps are able to update users on the % completion of an experiment or automation run, expected completion times, any potential issues and provide live imagery of experiment and automation equipment. Giving reassurance and freeing scientists to focus on other tasks.

Why Labman Software?



Labman develop software that perfectly fits your needs and ways of working.


40 years’ experience in the lab sector, combined with a focus on understanding the intricacies or each individual lab enables Labman to create software that’s deeply intuitive for both users and managers.


As a world leader in custom lab automation systems we understand full end to end lab processed and can develop software that seamlessly manages them; enabling unified data collection, storage and analyses.

Unparalleled Integration

Labman’s experience in hardware development and integration gives us unparalleled capabilities in integrating hardware from a range of manufacturers into a single software system.


Labman believe in long term customer relationships. Offering exceptional products at a good price enables us to develop long term relationships and strategic partnerships with industry leaders.

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