An intranet designed for your organisation

Intranets can improve business effectiveness by enabling information to flow more freely between employees. However, an intranet needs to be built around the way people currently operate, not enforce a new and unfamiliar way of working. If a system doesn’t make life easier, people will find their own way.

With 40 years’ experience developing custom solutions we know how to make software that meets the needs of users and managers. Our experienced team takes the time to understand an organisation, the intricacies of how people do things – and uses this insight to develop solutions that are powerful and intuitive.

Generate Insight

We believe an intranet should offer new insights into how a business is performing. Labman offer a number of tracking and metric systems – an integrated timesheet can capture hours for billing whilst providing insight into where teams are focusing their time, project performance metrics can be tracked and displayed, team Wikis can quickly capture questions and share learnings across all team members.
labman intranet timesheet

Created for you

We know that every organisation is different and off the shelf solutions can lead to compromise. At Labman we don’t believe compromise is necessary and develop our software from the ground up to fit perfectly with how your organisation operates. We take the time to understand the needs and working practices of users and managers and develop bespoke intranets that are powerful yet intuitive.

Standard functions including team calendars, project management tools, customer contacts lists and group wikis can be combined with custom modules to create the perfect system for your organisation.
labman intranet timesheet

Complex IT integration

Experience with a huge range of software and database systems means we’re capable of integrating into the most complex of IT infrastructures.


Labman believe in long term customer relationships. Using an agile development approach and working closely with customers throughout a project to ensure exceptional quality products.

Why Labman Software?



An intranet built and designed by Labman Software works the way your company works, without the need for retraining or changing the way you do business.

Unique resource tracking

Experience amazing new live oversights of how your business operates with connected, granular data and resource tracking built in to every part of the intranet. From tracking efficiency and hours to project health and parts costing, your intranet system will give you the full picture.


Add and remove as many modules as you need to create an intranet that becomes instinctive for you. As with all Labman Software projects, these modules can be created to your exact specifications.


Connect modules together seamlessly with one another for efficient, connected workflows. Labman Software’s intranet can even connect with 3rd party software, such as Office 365, G Suite, or even your own in-house software.

No Ties

Labman believe your data should belong to you, and that it should always be available to you in the format you need, so our intranet software is always open, whilst still employing state-of-the-art security and encryption.

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